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Reproductive System

The main function of this system is to produce sex cells and hormones.

The aging process affects the reproductive systems of both men and women. The most striking age-related changes in the female reproductive system occur at menopause, while changes in the male reproductive system occur more gradually and over a longer period of time.

Menopause is usually defined as the time ovulation and menstruation cease. It typically occurs between the ages of 45-65. Estrogen and progesterone levels decline which results in a thinning of the urethral and vaginal walls. The reduced estrogen levels have also been linked to osteoporosis and a variety of cardiovascular and neural effects including “hot flashes,” anxiety, and depression.


Not so fun fact:

The male equivalent of menopause is called the male climacteric. During this gradual change, circulating testosterone levels begin to decline between the ages of 50-60. Sperm production, however, continues, so men can father children well into their eighties.

There is currently much debate over the use of hormone replacement therapy in women since it appears that detrimental effects might outweigh any benefits of the therapy. Some clinicians are now tentatively suggesting the use of testosterone therapy for older men.


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