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News You Can Use

Diabetes Articles

The American Diabetes Association
From IHRSA and Technogym
'Double Diabetes' a New Threat
by Dennis Thompson
Physical Activity and Life Expectancy With and Without Diabetes Life table analysis of the Framingham Heart Study
From IHRSA and Technogym
Weight Linked to Late-Life Heart, Diabetes Deaths
by Salynn Boyles
Cost of Preventing Diabetes is Less Than Treating It
by Bryant Stamford Special to The Courier-Journal
Lifestyle education helps prevent diabetes
From IHRSA and Technogym
Diet, Exercise Program May Reverse Diabetes, BYU researchers say
by Lois M. Collins
Management of Type 2 Diabetes Depends Upon Regular Exercise
From IHRSA and Technogym
Diabetes Among Older Adults Imposed An Estimated $133.5 Billion Cost in 1990's
by Vijan, Hayward, and Langa - University of Michigan
Are You At Risk For Diabetes? Gold's Gym Launches National Effort To Fight Diabetes With Fitness
From IHRSA and Technogym
Lifestyle's Impact on Diabetic Risk
From IHRSA and Technogym
Physical Activity Helps Diabetics Afflicted With Neuropathy
by Heather Kohn, Ivanhoe Health Correspondent

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