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Exercise Management of Chronic Diseases and Disabilities for All Ages™ Course Objectives

  1. Utilize applications for integrating exercise into the treatment of 49 chronic diseases and disabilities.
  2. Apply the presented framework for determining functional capacity in persons with chronic diseases and disabilities and develop appropriate exercise programming to optimize functional capacity and reduce the compounding effects of exercise intolerance.
  3. Explain the pathology of interest, training and response to exercise, management of medications, and recommendations and special considerations of exercise testing and programming.
  4. Design case studies for each condition that follow a set format, beginning with an overview and a subjective objective assessment plan (SOAP) report, followed by an exercise program and a follow-up statement for select cases.
  5. Explain and utilize guidance for appropriate exercise prescription that can positively affect functional capacity and slow or prevent exercise intolerance.
  6. Become adept at translating the science of exercise physiology into the art of practicing exercise medicine.
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