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Course Evaluations of Fitness Assessment and Exercise
Prescription for All Ages™

Date Name Enter the certification organization(s) for which you are seeking credits: Promotional materials were accurate and complete. Administrative instructions were complete and understandable. The course content met my expectations. How will you apply the content of this course to your work? What recommendations and/or general comments do you have? How did you hear about this course? Would you recommend this course to a friend?
12/24/17 Marci BOC, NSCA Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Teaching. Conflicting information. One sheet said 60 questions in 60 minutes but actual test was 100 questions. email Yes
12/16/17 Michelle NASM Agree Strongly Agree Agree I hope to do more personal training would love it if the book was made available for purchase instead of an e book website Yes
12/14/17 Lana NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree I work with all age groups with varying goals. None. All good. This is my go to site for ceu Yes
12/12/17 Alex I.S.S.A Agree Agree Agree       Yes
12/09/17 Bill NSCA Strongly Agree Agree Strongly Agree Have a greater appreciation for balance and flexibility training for older adults and intend to incorporate that into my sessions with them INITIALLY i HAD A DIFFICULT TIME DOWNLOADING THE COURSE THROUGH aDOBE READER. NSCA continuing ed outreach Yes
11/03/17   CSCS Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree better exercises prescription guidelines great course; very informative online Yes
10/27/17   NSCA Agree Agree Agree i am a fitness professional so I use it everydat n/a through nsca Yes
08/03/17   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree I will be able to utilize the guidelines while designing programs for my clients. Some of the information in the study guide did not match what was in the text. google Yes
08/02/17   AAHF Agree Agree Agree     Found under pre-approved NASM CEUs Yes
07/21/17   CPTN Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree very informative and will help me to perform better and more accurate test assessments and create more effective and custom design workouts for my clients to use more visual tools like diagrams and tables (on one page), that I can use when working w/ clients CPTN website Yes
06/18/17   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Very useful since I apply all the material in my job as a Fitness Specialist to elderly patients. Now i can apply more assessment test as well as in prove in provide better prescription to the patients. course and test were very understandable. It'll be nice to provide the course for spanish speaking people like my coworkers who dont know how to study in english. some how came across the certification just browsing online. Yes
05/22/17   WITS Agree Agree Agree To design advanced weight training programs.   e-mail. Yes
05/02/17   ISSA Agree Agree Agree I will use the extensive academic knowledge that I have obtained through this course for re-certification and continuing education, as well as practical applications in my career as a certified personal trainer and as certified fitness nutrition specialist. The course material, though very informative, loses it's impact through use of over applied technical terms and emphasis on research references as opposed to actual applicable knowledge. I received an email while working within the mental health and medical field. Yes
01/22/17   AAHF Agree Agree Agree It will give me a more accurate outcome.     Yes
01/08/17   ISSA Agree Agree Strongly Agree I have learned a great deal and will definitely incorporate some of the material I learned into assessing and training my clients.   ISSA Yes
11/02/16   AFAA Agree Agree Strongly Agree I will be able to continue training my clients and helping them reach there fitness and wellness goals.   website Yes


Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree The material is consistent with one of my courses I teach at my university and with material I present at conferences. This was an excellent review. Thank You! The new ACSM pre-activity screening algorithm came out in November of 2015 in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and will appear in the new edition of the ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing & Prescription (in March). A few minor additions and edits to pre-activity screening , Chapter 2 will be warranted at that time. By email because I have taken other AAHF courses before.
Thank you again for a great continuing education class and a seamless process and great customer service.
04/20/16   wits Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree I will use it in dealing with clients and prospects. The course was very informative and useful. aahf website and human kinetics Yes
03/06/16   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree To conduct safe, valid and purposeful assessments before designing clients' based training programmes. Q&A sessions in each chapters are good for quick references in order to solve problems. From NASM course providers lists Yes
02/27/16   ACE Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree I will use it for assessing clients and developing exercise plans. The course was challenging and very detailed. I found it online. Yes
12/30/15   BOC Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree It was a good overview of the fitness assessment needed for use in a clinical and instructional setting. None Website and colleague Yes
12/11/15   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree I will apply this course work when assessing clients and evaluating exercises programs     Yes
12/11/15   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree This will allow me to better assess my clients and design realistic and flexible exercise programs to help them achieve their fitness goals. The textbook was great although for my purposes some of the details regarding measurements in determining body composition was a little overwhelming and didn't add value to what information I need to excel as a personal trainer. I did like that they explained that there are differences among ethnicity, gender, etc. Online search for continuing education credits. I have also taken the Jr Fitness Course. The courses are reasonably priced and convenient. Yes
11/22/15   ACSM Agree Agree Agree H.R body comp, health council, etc I stressed on line. Did not have internet, hate not having more mail options, in this high tech life. on line Yes
10/09/15   WITS Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Certification requirement CEC; Assessment and Prescribing of Clients.     Yes
07/14/15   ACE Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree In every aspect. This is a thorough and very useful course for everyday as well as a reference. Excellent! ACE Yes
03/15/15   Wits Agree Agree Neutral Safely and effectively. Would like to see more hands on type of knowledge. For example, more calisthenic exercises. The Wits continuing education website. Yes
01/17/15   NASM Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree       Yes


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