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JrFit™ Table of Contents

JrFit™ Course Objectives
Order of Curriculum

Part 1 - Youth Strength Training

Introduction: Youth Strength Training
Chapter 1: Ready to Train
Chapter 2: Program Prescription
Chapter 3: Exercise Technique and Training Procedures
Chapter 4: Free Weights
Chapter 5: Weight Machines
Chapter 6: Elastic Bands and Medicine Balls
Chapter 7: Body Weight Training
Chapter 8: General Preparation
Chapter 9: Basic Strength and Power for Ages 7 to 10
Chapter 10: Intermediate Strength and Power for Ages 11 to 14
Chapter 11: Advanced Strength and Power for Ages 15 to 18
Chapter 12: Sport-Specific Strength and Power for Young Athletes
Chapter 13: Periodization and Recovery
Chapter 14: Eating For Strength

Part 2 - Athletic Fitness for Kids

Chapter 1: The Athletic Fitness Method
Chapter 2: Set Up the Program
Chapter 3: Improve Flexibility
Chapter 4: Gain Coordination
Chapter 5: Building Balance
Chapter 6: Boost Stamina
Chapter 7: Increase Strength
Chapter 8: Maximize Speed
Chapter 9: Enhance Agility

Part 3 - Fuel for Young Athletes

Chapter 1: Food Functions for Developing Athletes
Chapter 2: Nutrition Essentials for Sports
Chapter 3: Fluids for Athletes
Chapter 4: Fuel for Muscle Development
Chapter 5: Eating for Endurance Training
Chapter 6: Tactics for Gaining Weight
Chapter 7: Lessons on Losing Weight
Chapter 8: Dietary Details for Specific Sports
Chapter 9: High Performance Meal Planning
Chapter 10: Fast-Break Food Favorites
Chapter 11: Beyond the Standard Game Plan with Supplements
Chapter 12: Special Nutrition Needs for Pre-Adolescent Athletes
Chapter 13: Strategies for Overcoming Disordered Eating
Chapter 14: Championship Winning Recipes for Young Athletes

Answer Key for Self-Tests
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