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Tables of Contents

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy
By James F. Clapp III, M.D. and Catherine Cram, M.S.


Chapter 1. How Exercise Affects Pregnancy
Chapter 2. Exercise Effect on Fertility and Early Pregnancy 
Chapter 3. Exercise Effects on Fetoplacental Growth
Chapter 4. Exercise Effects on Fetus and Early Childhood
Chapter 5. Benefits of Maternal Exercise
Chapter 6. Fitness Guidelines: Preconception and First Trimester
Chapter 7. Fitness Guidelines: Second and Third Trimester
Chapter 8. Fitness Guidelines: Postpartum
Chapter 9. Exercise Effects on Breastfeeding and Infant Growth
Chapter 10. Developing a Personalized Maternal Fitness Program

About the Authors
Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design CE Course-4th Edition
By Catherine Cram, Gwen Hyatt


Chapter 1 Benefits of Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Effect of Prenatal Exercise on Maternal Health
Effect of Exercise on Fetal Health
Effect of Postpartum Exercise on Maternal Health and Infant Growth
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Chapter 2 Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy

Cardiovascular and Circulatory Changes During Pregnancy
Respiratory Changes During Pregnancy
Metabolic and Thermal Changes During Pregnancy
Anatomical Changes During Pregnancy
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Chapter 3 Prenatal Exercise Prescription

ACOG Guidelines Reaffirmed 2009
International Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy and Postpartum
Prenatal Exercise Design
Prenatal Exercises
The Pregnant Competitive Athlete
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Chapter 4 Postnatal Exercise Prescription

Postnatal Expectations
Vaginal Birth Recovery Program
Cesarean Delivery Recovery Program
Scar Mobilization
Core Strengthening Exercises After Cesarean Delivery
Postpartum Exercise Prescription
Abdominal Rehabilitation
Strength Training
Proper Body Mechanics and Ergonomics
Exercise and Breastfeeding
Check Points
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Chapter 5 Maternal Exercise Program Design

Instructor Responsibilities
Program Goals
Fitness Components
Exercise Session Format
Mainstreaming the Pregnant Student
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Chapter 6 Complications and Common Conditions of Pregnancy and Postpartum

Obstetrical Complications
Common Conditions
Bed Rest
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Chapter 7 Professional Responsibilities

Health Screening for Physical Activity
Monitoring Exercise
Record Keeping
Scope of Practice
Emergency Procedures
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Client Handouts

Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy
Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Essential Nutrients During Pregnancy
Common Complaints and Problems During Pregnancy
Exercise Dos and Don’ts for Prenatal Women
Nutritional Needs Postpartum and When Breastfeeding
Weight Loss While Breastfeeding
Lifting and Carrying Safely
Proper Body Mechanics When Lifting Your Baby


Health History Questionnaire
Status of Current Pregnancy
Physician Consent Form
Maternal Fitness Class Record

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